Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wednesday morning - 5 days after

Morning brings light and clarity - or perhaps it only brings more bad news... The number 4 reactor is on fire now. They had it out at one point and it sprang up again. We haven't heard much about the number 4 reactor until now because it was not an active reactor but only being used to store spent fuel rods. There has also been mention of two more reactors (#5 and #6) on the same site in Fukushima that are at risk - although I can't find where I heard about them now. The report this morning said that they were heating up - but I'm not sure where I saw it. I was under the impression that there were only four reactors there so I don't know which part of my information is faulty. The most recent update says that the radiation near the reactors is too high for anyone to go near them to check the damage or service them.

It's only 9:25am now. I have no doubt that this day will bring more surprises. In the meantime though - life goes on. I will teach English and update again later.

Love to all.

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