Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday night

So - it's not looking good for me to go back with Ian and the kids. My friend Mayu spoke with the superintendent today and it's looking like there is too much to do for me to get out on Thursday. It sounds like I can go - just maybe not for another few days. Ugh. This is getting harder and harder.

There is less clarity to the whole reactor issue now. BBC has switched their live coverage to the difficulties in Libya which seems to leave only the Japanese station offering "up-to-date" information about what's in Fukushima.

Radiation has been found in the water in Tokyo in trace amounts and also in larger amounts in some spinach and milk in the area. The power is not yet restored to any of the reactors - though they keep promising it's happening any time now. The wind was apparently blowing in this direction today so we focused on all the things we need to do at home and avoided going out wherever possible.

We're very glad to have made the decision to head home. I wish we had come to the decision a few hours earlier so I could have started the process with the board of education on Friday instead of Tuesday (it's a long weekend). Although I feel terrible about letting people down and running out on them, I know that we've made the right decision.

Love to all

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    For extra viewpoints (under Most Read), also visit:
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