Thursday, March 24, 2011

we have arrived!

Well, 14 checked bags turned into 16 checked bags and we ended up paying about $300 to get the extras through. There was one noticible earthquake while we were at Narita - a 6.1 - but it was centred fairly far from Tokyo so we just felt a little rumble. Still, everything went smoothly and we are back in BC.

Ian and the kids have gone ahead because they had seats on the noon connector. I am booked on the 2pm flight and was told I had a shot at standby but it turned out that I would have to pay $75 for the privilage of putting my name on the list and then I may still not get a seat.

So, here I sit - at YVR with it's fantastic free WiFi. As if I needed any more confirmation that we made the right decision, there was an email from the government of Canada talking about radiation in the food and water. Aparently it's fairly far spread now although Hokkaido is still pretty self sufficient in it's food supply. Still, the crisis is clearly not over yet.

Anyway, it's been a very emotional day... I cried on both planes so far as well as at the airport and as we were driving out of Otaki. I am a mess. Please give me a hug when you see me - I need it! (and don't mind the tears - I can't help it!!)

Love to all.


  1. Big long distance e-hug!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You did well on the baggage :) I paid 345.00 just to get one guitar and one bike box (which were over our two bags each)from NZ to AU.

  2. Great to have you all home safe & sound. You definitely made the correct decision, no matter how difficult is was.

    No doubt upon your arrival you will have heard the latest bad news with respect to reactor #3.

    I cannot imagine how stressful this has been for you and I'm sure not many people can imagine it.

    Take the time to relax and put your feet up for at least a while. It will probably take a long time to "come down".

    Love to you all,
    John,Vicci & family

  3. Okaerinasai!!! I agree... I think we had to pay an extra $1400!!! for excess baggage fees (thankfully Cam's company at the time covered it, I think). Yes, take LOTS of time for debriefing and be kind to yourself(ves) as there is bound to be continual REVERSE culture shock, and ongoing tenderness in empathy for the Japanese people, as you go about your day here. Thankfully, at least you'll "blend in" here at home!!! Love to you all... Kim & family p.s. I am going to attempt to make a Hello Kitty pinata today, inspired by you!!!

  4. I am glad to hear you guys got home safe say Hi to Joisan for me

    Paul =) (one of joisan's classmates)