Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday evening

I think everyone in Canada and Australia seems to know as much or more than I do most of the time. This morning when I posted about the number 2 reactor being in imminent danger of meltdown it had already happened. I think there are some deliberate media delays happening - likely in an effort to calm and prepare people before the announcements are made.

While I was at Date Chu today the number 4 (as yet unheard about) reactor at the Fukushima plant melted down. The radiation levels around the plant are now being classified as dangerous to human health and the evacuation radius has been increased to 30km. They have also instituted a "no-fly zone" over the evacuation area. The weather will now play a big part in how far the radiation spreads and it seems to be constantly changing.

I appreciate everyones suggestions that we get out - now! The reality of our position here though is that anywhere we go we'd have to go through Tokyo. I'm really not inclined to voluntarily take myself or anyone else anywhere near there. I'm not even sure that I'll be sending Tiffany and Joisan next week and they've got confirmed tickets! We will get home. For now we will donate blood and what cash we can spare and we'll do what we can to keep our spirits up.

Love to all


  1. My word... all I can say my prayers and thoughts are with you and the rest of the people in the area! This is just unbelievable... though it is an experience that you'll always remember, i'm not sure experiences like these are necessary in our lives to have? -hugs- take care of yourselves

  2. Dear Phaedra, NO ONE would fault you for erring on the side of caution! I understand that the radiation has reached measurable amounts in Yokosuka, according to the US officials there, and they are also taking precautionary measures. We will be praying, and asking God to grant you wisdom and clarity in each decision and as you go about your daily tasks. When you see prayer as "going to the One in Charge" then this is for me a constant petition straight from the heart, eyes wide open. (I've started memorizing Romans 8, and verse 26 seems especially appropriate these days.) Be encouraged to know we pray for you, and thank you SO MUCH for keeping us up to date! Here's hoping also that you can get some sleep... *HUGS* Love, Kim