Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monday's update

I heard from Hiro!!! She is safe and well and has power and water - although the she will be having rolling blackouts starting today. The idea is to make sure that everyone can have power for at least part of the day. The supply of power (along with many other things) is limited right now because of all the reactors being shut down.

The quakes just keep coming and it seems that the threat of nuclear meltdown is quite real. Let me just state again that we are far far away from where all these things are happening. Today around noon there was a very big explosion at the number 3 reactor at Fukushima power complex. There was a smaller explosion at the number 1 reactor there on Saturday and the latest updates say that the cooling functions have stopped and water levels are falling in reactor 2. There are other power complexes that are also at risk, although we're not hearing much about them - everything has been focused on the Fukushima plant.

There are so many inconsistencies and contradictions in the reports we're getting that it's difficult to know what is true and what is not. One thing that the experts are saying is that there is another strong earthquake likely to come in the next few days. It's a bit of a challenge to live in constant awareness of the strong likelihood of more and bigger, meanwhile I'm supposed to carry on with business as usual - which takes me far away from my family!

Joisan and Tiffany have been trying to keep things as much on "the plan" as possible. Joisan's chafing at the new restrictions (I wouldn't let them hang in Date until dance time while I came home) but I just don't think it's okay to be that far apart when they are calling for another big earthquake in the next few days. My friend Deb is not coming (not that I blame her) though she may end up coming in July. I'm not sure yet whether or not Ian's family will still come in May or not.

I'll keep updating as things come along.

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