Friday, March 18, 2011

Saturday morning

Ian and Taran will be flying home on Thursday with Joisan and Tiffany. I am just trying to connect with my bosses and then I will be booking myself on the same flight if possible.
We are still not in imminent danger here, and in fact I've recently heard from someone in Tokyo that things are under control (not sure I'm buying that though!) It's really about the long term stress and risk at this point so no worries about us - we're heading home!

PS. Thanks everyone for your supportive emails and blog comments. You've kept me going. Love to all...

PPS. Please do send socks - this is meaningful!


  1. I will make you some matcha chiffon and we will have a good talk and a good cry. Thank you for keeping us posted!!! Safe travels...

  2. This is the very best news we've heard from you since the nightmare began!!! We'll breathe a final sigh of relief when we know you are all totally safe!

    Keep your blog going, though. It's great reading. Have you considered trying your hand at publishing, Phaedra? You should!


    Bruce & Dawn

  3. Great news. When you know your plans, let me know if you need my help at the airport. I don't care what time it is day or night. Katie & Graham