Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Boys are Back in Town...

I think I've finally learned that I can manage. I managed to get Joisan and I back here by ourselves and I've managed to supply us with everything we needed to get through the 8 days we were without Ian and Taran. Then last night I managed to take us back to the airport and negotiate a handicapped parking spot right out front and get us all back to Otaki safe and sound. I can manage. :)
Ian and Taran are back and they're a little the worse for wear. They spent Monday night in Narita at an airport hotel and then most of Tuesday was spent at the airport waiting for their flight to Chitose. No sightseeing for them :(
Taran and Joisan had clearly missed eachother and spent the whole ride home from the airport comparing apps and songs on their iTouches that they got for their birthdays. Joisan was disappointed that Taran was not up to coming to school today. He was still really bagged though and still not feeling 100%. Ian has an appointment at the hospital tomorrow to have his foot looked at and another cast put on it. I think he's going to do the adult classes tonight so that I can take Joisan to ballet.
I've just heard today that my friend Sarah, who was tentatively planning to visit over spring break, will not be able to come visit this year. That leaves us wide open - nobody is currently planning to visit. Please consider yourselves all invited to visit us while we're here... there's plenty of room!
Anyway, I'm off to the Warashibe where I plan to sing some songs and show off my photos of Walt Disney World! Happy day!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Well Ian and Taran were not able to be bumped onto tonights flight so they will be staying the night in Tokyo. Now it would not be a tragedy in anyones books to have to spend 26 hours in Tokyo but let's remember the situation please... Ian is on crutches and Taran has previously been voted the boy who least enjoys new things! I'm sure they're going to have a good nights sleep and then spend lots of time at the airport tomorrow! Oh well!
Joisan and I went to school today (for the morning anyway) and then we did a bit of clean-up and lazed around (actually Joisan did most of the clean-up before I got home from Tatsunan!) I showed off some of my photos from Disney World to the grade 7 class in Tatsunan today and that's about the extent of it! Tomorrow I will have a lot of time at school during which I will do all the work I haven't been doing for the last week!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's been a while...

Our trip to BC and then to Florida was wonderful. We all enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family and DisneyWorld was amazing! I can't imagine any New Year's Eve in the future ever stacking up to this one at Epcot. It was magical! All fairy tales must come to an end though and so has our sojourn in North America. Joisan and I flew back to Japan by ourselves on January 10th because Ian and Taran were too ill to travel. They will be joining us next week.
I was fairly nervous about negotiating the details of getting us onto the connecting flight and then picking up our car from the park-n-fly and finding our way home but Joisan and I managed just fine. I was fairly light-headed by the time we got to Otaki and I probably shouldn't have been driving but we made it. Neither one of us have been feeling 100% since we got back so we've been laying low and taking it easy here at the house. Today we are going to venture out into the snow and head to Date for supplies. It's probably a bad sign that I'm already longing for the spring but the snow here is ridiculous! I'll try and take some pictures and post a new photoshare soon.
There's not much to report - we start back to school on Monday and pick up Ian and Taran on Tuesday night. The afterschool programs don't start for another week so I have a gradual re-entry into life here. Oh! There was an earthquake last night (early this morning). It woke me up and felt like the whole house was rocking. It was a 5.0 and was centred about 173km from here. No damage that I'm aware of but it was freaky!
It feels strange, and a bit lonely to be here without Ian and Taran. Today is Taran's 16th birthday and I hate not being with him. (Not that he wants to hang with his mother on his 16th birthday I'm sure!) It's odd, because I never felt like this when Ian and Taran were on their big bike trip but I'm guessing that had something to do with Joisan and I being at home in Shawnigan with our family and friends around us. Anyway, they'll be back in just a few days. I'm sure there will be more to report then.