Sunday, August 2, 2009

We got the Job!!!

Well, we found out last Monday that Phaedra got the AET job in the village of Ohtaki on Hokkaido. It is a small village - only about 2500 people - and we are still having difficulty finding a good map of where it is. We'll post one as soon as we can. We had thought we would be leaving by the end of August but it turns out that the paperwork will take longer than we anticipated and we won't be leaving until the end of September.
We are currently focussed on getting some visa photos taken and getting all the appropriate certificates sent to the appropriate people in Japan. Thankfully, they take care of everything!
As things start to happen and we get some more information about timing we will post it here.
Thank you all for your wonderful good wishes! We hope everyone starts saving soon so you can come visit us while we're there!
The Fireball Fairwells