Friday, March 25, 2011

Good/Bad Day

So our 16 pieces of luggage was turned into 10 and then 12 by airlines. I hear they've managed to find 2 more so we're back up to 14 now but there is no word yet on the final two pieces. Because all the luggage went through with Ian and it's currently stored in the back of Dad's truck, I don't even know which pieces are missing.

My flight from Vancouver yesterday was delayed by over an hour and I wasn't able to sleep on the plane so by the time I got to mum's I was more than a little exhausted. We had a wonderful family dinner with Wyatt and Danielle and the kids and Mum and Dad. I got to meet Griffin for the first time and hug Phoebe. It was a good day!

It wasn't a good day back in Japan though. I've now heard that they are suspecting from the extremely high radiation levels in the water at the number 3 reactor that the core is cracked. I have also heard that there are two Japanese tourists who have arrived in China with very high radiation levels. Since they were supposedly not withing 280km of Fukushima there is some concern for how they were exposed. It's good that they are testing people who arrive in China from Japan but I'm wondering why they're not testing people who arrive in Canada. We were not scanned or even asked whether we were within the exclusion zone.

I'm very worried for my friends in Japan.

Love to all.

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