Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday - and what a week it's been... :(

So, although things haven't gotten remarkably worse (no fires, no explosions) in the last day and a bit, they also haven't improved enough that we are bursting with confidence either.
We're still fine here in central Hokkaido. I'll update again tomorrow.


  1. Miss you and hope you stay well. I watch your blog continually. Katie

  2. Hi all:
    Just a quick note to let you know that we are watching/concerned and hope that all continues to be OK for you where you are.

    It is clear that there is misinformation out there as to the state of the nuclear plants. CTV and CNN "busy news" both are saying that the evac zone should be 50 miles. Anyway, thankfully, that is a very long way away from you.

    Our thoughts continue to be with you and I'm sure that whatever happens that you will be able to go somewhere from Chitose airport if necessary (as opposed to Tokyo) if there is too much radiation in the Capital.

    Take care of yourselves.
    John, Vicci & family

  3. Still reading the updates and thinking about you all. We are going to send socks!

    Love Cheryl, Darcy, Aidan and Ella